A Candle in the Dark

10/18/05 Exchange Club prayer of Dad’s: Our Heavenly Father, we again join together and give thanks for this day – for the opportunity of life itself – for family and friends and the blessings that are ours. Remind us of those in need of your Grace this day and help us know how to support and respond. Amen

The “wisdom to know the difference,” in the Serenity Prayer also calls us to know how and when to support and respond. To me respond is first. There must be an open acknowledgement on our part that we see another’s pain, that we do have empathy. Even if it is a minuscule amount (to us or in reality). To the other we may be the candle in the dark.

We are looking from our perspective. The world still looks dark. The pitiful candle we hold is as nothing. But from across a room it is even enough to read by…although this photograph used the flash. You still see the candle.

Help us know how to be candles of light.


Open to trying

10/17/06 Our Father, as we again bow in prayer and offer our thanks for this day and the gifts that are ours remind us of those in need of our help and support. Teach us to know what to do and say and to be open to trying. Amen

Teach me to be open to trying. What a giant prayer goal that is. Trying to know what to say and do to help others.

Busyness with trivia

10/12/04 Our heavenly Father, when we become too satisfied with ourselves – remind us to be humble. Help us with our patience, our busyness with trivia. Make us want to do what is right, and the ability to do so. Amen

My dad was a man of well chosen words. He would have had no problem with Twitter’ limits. “Remind us to be humble…” who prays for that?

On our knees

10/10/06 Our Father, we come still again troubled by the news of the day – by potential threats – by the need for new sanctions – by acts that threaten peace. And we pray again that those who pursue peaceful resolutions will prevail. Amen

What else could be the photo background, but carpet? My knees need the padding. My heart needs the solace that my father’s prayer needs to be calling for.

The Light Comes Through

10/8 We come again, Our Father, troubled by the news of the day…the uncertainties of Peace – the tragedies of gun fire and violence – the health of our economy. Remind us of our blessings – our health, our families and friends AND help each of us to be more positive and work together for right solutions. Amen

No matter what is written on the card, the light can come through and make it all beautiful. I need to be reminded that the light can come through my life as well.

Remind us to include

10/4/17 Our Father in Heaven – we thank you for this day and the lingering of Summer. Be with those in need of your Grace this hour. Remind us to include others in our prayers – to be more grateful for blessings received and to share what is ours with others. Amen

Is this to be reminded to pray with others or rather, to not keep our prayers focused on our own concerns? Knowing how we grew up, I would say it is the latter. Corporate prayer wasn’t something I learned to do at home. But I did learn to include others needs in my prayers. That was openly shared.

Stay the course without bias

10/3/06 Once again, our Father, we pause to offer our thanks for another day of life and to ask for your blessing on our gathering here this hour. Remind us of prayers answered – to reach out to someone we have perhaps neglected and to stay the course without bias or prejudice. Amen

This neglected garden bed, above, is a parable to my dad’s prayer. No matter how much work I put into its sister-bed behind it, it was always a mess. Staying the course here has meant, leveling, excavating, and laying a dense barrier to weeds.

Likewise, bias and prejudice will only be removed with hard work and diligence, and the realization I must reach out.