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Without Fear of Violence

4/18/06 Our heavenly Father, tho too often consumed with our own agendas and pursuits we pause now to give thanks for this day and the liberties we enjoy in this community and nation. And together we pray for those who struggle for peace and the freedom to move about their communities without fear of violence. Amen

Moving about without fear of violence, whether going for a walk on my block or to my car after work or getting stranded in an unfamiliar area, is something I take for granted. I have no memory of ever living in a place where I was fearful daily of violence. If I am so callous to peace, because I am used to it, does it follow one can get used to violence and be callous to it, indeed out of necessity?

I pray it not be so on either end.

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Equally Bewildered

2018-04-17 06.50.56.png

4/17/07 Our Heavenly Father, we thank you for the opportunity of prayer – to join with others equally bewildered, confused and troubled. Be with those who grieve so deeply this hour – remind us that time heals slowly – that courage and faith help and that your Grace and Mercy, can prevail. Amen

If I look at the world as populated by others, “equally bewildered,” I become a part of, instead of an outlier. I am not alone in my grief, although distinct, we are drawn together in our pain.

A ray of light points to keeping that focus.

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Things yet to be accomplished

Pen pencil and scissors
The right tool for the right job

4/5/05 Our Heavenly Father – for the warmth and beauty of this day, we give you our thanks. Bless again our meeting here this day – remind us to be about things yet to be accomplished – to be sensitive to the feelings of others and to be ever grateful for life itself. Amen

Not sure today will offer warmth, the wind for April, has been horrendous.

The things yet to be accomplished, however, are guaranteed. Seeing them means I am looking forward, not behind me. Once I see, then the tool selection process begins. Some tasks require a needle and thread, some a pencil with a big eraser. Some require professionals with really big tools.

Looking forward, carrying a toolbox.

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Renewal of strength

Card in front of a towel

4/4/06 Our Heavenly Father, we thank you again for the rest of the night & for the renewal of strength that it brings – for the brightness of this day and the opportunities it promises each of us. Remind use to use these opportunities with a genuine concern for others and to rejoice in the blessings that are ours. Amen

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Bold Convictions

4/1 Our Father in heaven, we pray again for your guidance and help – help us to recognize and accept our differences with others. Guide us through these days of uncertainty and confusion. Give us the courage of our convictions and teach us when and how to speak those convictions. Amen

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Joys of Living

Card before photo of parents

3/29/05 Our Father in Heaven, we pray again for Your blessing on this gathering – help us look forward to the opportunities and joys of living this day. Remind us to reach out to those needing encouragement – to touch the lonely – to be more receptive to change and more forgiving of others. Amen

It is a grey, rainy day, and some bird could care less. Singing away.

Mom and Dad knew how to be joyful for each day and with each other. They looked out for those around them who were lonely, also. They walked this out.

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Heavily Edited

Card on blank paper
Not perfect

3/27/01 Our Father, hear again our thanks for this day – cause us to use it wisely and to share our gifts with others.

Make stronger our faith, in Thee and our trust of others – remind us to forgive and forget and to be about our objective of serving this community.


Like most change we wonder “why?” Why now? Why this? Why that?

Why this word?

I’m left to wonder. But I love that even my father polished his words, few that they were.

So today I start with a blank page of what may befall.

What came to me, while doing the pour over coffee ritual is what if the surface Facebook could be a Soul book and we could really go deep with each other.

I read desperate things and feel at a loss to return in kind. How do we learn to do that? With our neighbor or with others close to us, let alone people we don’t know directly.

That is serving our community at their deepest need.

Polishing takes roughing up or tumbling…