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Delivery service

Card in front on plants
Pondering peace and delivery service

7/15 Our Heavenly Father, deliver us from our own often selfish thoughts and concerns. Help us to see the needs of others – to speak an encouraging word, to do a kind deed, to lend a patient ear AND to do so with humility and compassion. Amen

To be delivered from something is not the same thing as having pizza or Amazon Prime delivery service.

Delivery service means, “I want it, now!”

To be delivered means, “Uh, I really am in a fix. I can’t fight, claw or buy my way out of this mess. I need help.”

To be delivered from selfish thoughts and concerns usually looks sort of like the gun enthusiast’ “pried from my cold dead hands” bumper sticker. And yes, that is how hard we hold onto selfish thoughts and concerns.

So if first we have to be delivered in order to see the needs of others, then there is a lot of painful work ahead. All good preparatory work for training in compassion.

As I understand my deliverer, it is a service Jesus took on with humility. Yes, He comes with Power and Might.

I just need to understand it is time to pay for the delivery service. I do want it now.



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Remind me why…we exist

7/11/06 We thank you our God, on this day of celebration – for those who have served and maintained our past of service to this community. Support and guide those elected to serve us in the future. Remind each of us of why we exist – goals to be pursued and give us the energy to achieve. Amen

Each mission, each person, unique.

The reasons each of us exist are unique. Like pristine watercolors in my paint box before they are utilized in a painting, they are beautiful on their own. However, they need to be mixed up, blended, sullied even in order to be useful. To make the Master’s masterpiece.

When I see morning beams like this, I always envision the steps I’d have to take to block in the colors correctly. Logically, it doesn’t make sense to lay down the huge swatch of lime green in the tree leaves highlights first.

Shouldn’t what’s a highlight be last?

No, because it would never show up on the dark leaves.

So, our highlights are planned and layed down before we are born. We need to not cover them up, but let them shine forth.

We exist to shine forth the Master’s light.

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To Get Aquainted

7/10 Our Father, as we stand and join in prayer remind us of our blessings. Help us to take the time to live – to get acquainted with Thee – to get to better know each other and to enjoy life and the opportunities it brings each of us. Help us too to use our time and energies wisely and well. Amen

Photo shot at the beginning of the day. Where was my intended post going to go? Not sure, but I do know that the light in this photo is real. A reflection yes, but it reminds me that appearances have many layers, and it takes time to get acquainted.

The Thai soccer team and their coach had plenty of time to be acquainted. I look forward to hearing more. I love the fact that the divers and a doctor stayed with them so long, helping them become acquainted with the equipment. Working and swimming alongside.


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Created Places

Card on upholstery
Club chair prayer

6/27/06 Our Father, we come again grateful for this day – for our time here together this hour for those who had the foresight, imagination and tenacity to have created this place where some of our past might be maintained and respected. We acknowledge their efforts and accomplishments. Amen

Not sure which Exchange Club meeting place this might have been. I am guessing it was the Bowling Green Country Club (even autocorrect guessed that, go figure).

What history was maintained there? What artifacts remained?

I spent a long time last night scanning old photos of my grandmother’s courting days. 1921, was the date she began this scrapbook, yet the casual poses could have been on an Instagram post. She had a lot of fun with my grandfather and other family. They enjoyed each other’s company tremendously.

Their “place” was wherever they were with each other.

That I respect. I also respect how much work photography was back then.

Did my grandfather cart a box camera and tripod around…on his motorcycle?

I know where I got my photo skills, as well as the desire to capture the day’s feelings.

BTW, note to self: wear gloves next time you scan old photo albums.

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Getting Nudged or Getting a Noogie

6/22/10 Our Father,  hear again our thanks for this day, this hour of fellowship, our freedom to gather and for so much that we take for granted. Remind us of these our blessings and nudge us a bit to be more grateful. Amen 

Nudged: with elbows. Noogie: with knuckles

Turns out that they both are related, at least etymologically. Personally, I think if God gives me a noogie (picture your obnoxious older brother with you in a headlock) it means you are safe (probably squirming) in God’s arms. That’s a good place to be. Stop fighting it. Maybe a noogie makes your hair grow?

William Safire’s Noogie




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Offered Challenges

Card with morning light

6/21/05 Our Heavenly Father, we thank you again for the opportunity of our fellowship here this hour – for the rest of the night – for family and friends and for the challenges this day offers each of us. Cause and help us to use them wisely and to touch others in need of support. Amen

“Great is Thy faithfulness…” can you hear the music?

Yes, today holds challenges. Challenges that will be offered to me and to you. Will I accept the challenge? Will I fight the challenge? Will I run from the challenge?

In answer to that, an old poem was brought to mind, The Hound of Heaven.

Good luck on that running thing.

Did I mention, I hate to run?

The Hound of Heaven

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Capacity to Accomplish

6/20/06 Once again, our God, we stand and give thanks for our fellowship here this hour, for nourishment received and the opportunities of another day of life here in this community. Remind us of tasks yet to be accomplished and give us the capacity to do so. Amen

Almost seventeen years ago Dad went on one of the last Honor Flights from Northwest Ohio. The pictures my sister took of my father radiated his joy, indeed delight in the whole long day. From start to finish he radiated joy!

Less than three years later, Mom would be gone. A bit more than five years later my brother would be gone. And less than three years after that, Dad would join them.

But on this task, he was given the capacity to make the long trip. It was blazing hot in DC that day. A bunch of senior citizens in the heat in wheelchairs sounds scary, but Dad never spoke on that…only how kind and gracious everyone they encountered was to them.

At the WWII monument, Dad posed proudly (not an adjective you will see me use much about my father) in front the Ohio monument. Visitors to the monument shared their appreciation for the Veterans service.

Dad was very moved.

Thank you again Dave for making this possible.

We all have tasks to do and God gives us the capacity to accomplish, not just show up. That is very encouraging to me. Yes, I have to show up.

The tasks may not even be something done for others, but rather, something God does to accomplish his will in us. In this case, I see our Heavenly Father’ joy radiated in my father’s face. And I love seeing that portal.