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Sharing Gifts

3/16/18 Our heavenly Father, we come again asking for your blessing on this fellowship. Remind us of who we are and the needs of this community. Help us to see beyond the ‘weather’ of today – to be grateful for Life itself – to be less anxious about what ‘might happen’ and to share our gifts with others. Amen

I am not a gifted writer, but I can share this gift, the gift of my parents prayers left in a plastic recipe box. I can share the gift of our family’s memories and motivations. I can share our quirky gift of seeing things differently, which appears my youngest exhibits.

Today that took the form of light. I don’t understand the warm fuzzy comments to a sad story (on social media) of, “I send light and hope.”

WTH? How do you “send light”?

If I have a problem, I am willing to share on social media, I obviously need my heavenly Father to intervene. He is the light. He helps me see beyond my dark clouds.

So maybe your gifts take other forms. No problem. They still can be shared.

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Sit and Listen

Card with praying angel and child
We’re not alone

3/14/18 Still again, our God, we rise and offer thanks for this day and the opportunity of our fellowship here this hour. Sustain and support those who are not so richly blessed and encourage us to listen and respond to their needs with compassion and sincerity. Amen

We sit and kneel to listen and pray. We stand to give thanks.

Mostly, we demand to be heard while we stand. Maybe even waving an arm, in your face.

But to kneel beside each other or even to sit calmly and quietly beside one, is not so “important”, we wrongly think.

A quiet friend is a blessing. A friend who prays beside me and with me, even though miles separate us.

Rise for giving thanks today. Be bold in praise.

Sit and pray today. Listening with your heart.

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Hearing Intelligently

Card on cloth napkin

3/9/04 – Grant us, our God, the capacity to listen – to be sensitive to the feelings of others – to look at the happenings of life without bias or prejudice – to be less anxious about what ‘might be’ and to choose wisely our alternatives. Amen

Dad’s prayer today reminded me of King Solomon’s, yet even he had problems of his own making…700 + wives?!

The Hebrew word for listen, shama, is also translated an understanding heart, and to hear intelligently.

So when the teacher asks her students, “Are you listening to me?” She might also be asking, “Do you hear intelligently?”

When a friend questions if we are really listening to them, it might really mean to have an understanding heart.

May my ‘hearing aid,’ be the Holy Spirit, blowing through the build-up…in my ears, and in my heart.

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Tenacity Bands

Card on clipboard near exercise bands

3/8/05 Our Heavenly Father for our health and well being we give you our thanks – for the love of family and our fellowship here this hour we give you our thanks. Remind us often of the blessings that are ours – point us toward tasks to be accomplished and give us the tenacity to stay on course. Amen

My yoga teacher’s advice was to use an exercise band to move my shoulder. Easy solution, I already had one in a drawer at home.

The location ought to clue you in to the condition of the material.

One pull last night, no problem. A couple pulls this morning and I have a much diminished length of band, cut short by breaks.

The principle of an exercise band is resistance. Tugging on it makes me work the muscle.

So, as I look at my now dashed line of 6″ long pieces, it is a perfect metaphor for tenacity, or the antithesis of it.

I was not tenacious to use this band. Because of that, I was unaware it was deteriorating. I thought it was stored nicely for future use. I have no idea when it became use-less.

How much else is in my life that has deriorated, but I cling to it, safe in storage, for its future use.

Lord, show me all the dashed lines of dusty treasures I cling to. Help me load them all in a big garbage can.

Thank you!

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Pursuing Aspirations

A wooden box containing a magnifying glass and pen
Beautiful desk accessories

3/2/04 Our heavenly Father, we pause and give thanks for this day – for this nation and for our freedom to express our political choices. Sustain, support and guide us as we choose, and help those elected to pursue their aspirations with integrity and wisdom. Amen

You don’t have to be elected to have aspirations. Elected officials are just more accountable for the leakage of their aspirations than you or I might be. But it is the same piece of cloth both defects are cut from.

“Things done and things left undone,” the Book of Common Prayer says.

If there is a plan for aspirations, it takes integrity to see it through, to not be side-tracked by things that can and should be left..undone, undisturbed, and avoided.

Yet, those are the enticing sirens on my daily Odyssey (yes, women, even old ones hear sirens).

“Watch this,”

“Buy this,”

“Forget about that.”

They sing and coax more deftly than that, but you get the picture.

Lord, help me be wise and pursue the aspirations You have wired into me.

Let me remember where my earplugs and sunglasses are.

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Faith in Your Intervention

Card on a stack of journals
A stack of journals

3/1/05 Our Heavenly Father, we come again chilled by yet another storm – by headlines depicting death and violence – by the anxieties of what might happen. Help us to free ourselves of stress – to pursue purposeful and responsible actions and to have Faith in your intervention. Amen

Today’s March 1 sounds like this weather report of Dad’s. That hasn’t changed. Nor have we escaped death and violence in the headlines. In fact now it is worse, as we don’t just read it at our kitchen table in the morning paper with our coffee, we carry it around with us and are caught up on the latest thanks to the internet.

The anxieties of what may happen indeed are nurtured in fertile soil. But here’s the thing, we can be free of this stress, but I am not sure I agree with Dad’s belief we can free ourselves.

Does God intervene? Many despair and say, “No.” Not all interventions look like Superman stopping a train (yes, I recall watching black and white reruns at Beverly? YMCA eating pizza while Dad worked some event). Some intervention, love that is singular, ongoing…is in the form of people in our lives that help mitigate our pain and stress.

Help me to have faith in Your Intervention and consequently, have faith in you, put here in my life for a reason.


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Recognize You Here

Card in budding lilac tree
Seconds before flight
2/28/06 Our Father in heaven, we stand and recognize your presence here with us and give thanks for your Grace and gifts. We also offer our thanks and hope for those who continue to pursue Peace – may their efforts succeed and may each of us find a way to share in their pusuit. Amen

Once again, I don’t know which “peace-seeking endeavor this references, but I love that Dad was tracking developments. He and Mom both were conduits of hope.

It is only fitting that I venture outdoors to find signs of Spring. This lilac bush is really a tree. The limbs that crack off in a storm, only launch more shoots from the base.

That is recognizing Your presence, Lord. Determined buds emerge on more determined, young, resilient shoots (“suckers” the garden folk call them), which boldly break out of the most gnarly, tough, old, dense, looked dead to me root popping out of the ground.

May I remember my roots.