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New Challenges…that cause us to grow

8/8/06  Our Heavenly Father, we thank you again for the opportunity of our fellowship here this hour — for new challenges that cause us to grow — for nourishment received — and for our health and well being. Continue to be with those in need of your Grace this hour.  Amen

Somehow, it seemed like peeking at a Christmas gift wrapped under the tree, but I did it anyway. Mostly I could tell if a prayer of Dad’s was church or a civic group like Exchange. Today I couldn’t.  Today I peeked. It was definitely Tuesday. It was definitely Exchange.

“Challenges that cause us to grow” might be as simple as having to look something up. But, the thing we are looking up may have to do with something the doctor told a loved one, or our self.

Hopefully, looking for solutions to challenges involves acceptance and gratitude because the challenge, as I see it, is not off my Heavenly Father’s radar.



Eldest daughter, lover of words, collector of notebooks, fonts and family heirlooms/"stuff" I am trying to pare down.

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