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For tolerance of others…who accept our shortcomings… (?)

8/12 Dad’s prayer

8/12 We thank you God for the happenings of life – for new responsibilities that cause us to to grow  – for the chance to amend our errors and mistakes – for the tolerance of others who accept our shortcomings; AND for your Grace and trust in us. Amen 

If Dad was sitting on the side porch with me, I would ask about “tolerance of others who accept our shortcomings.” I never thought of it like that.

I also never thought to thank God for trust in us. Does God trust US? 

No answers, just questions today. However, I have to share, autocorrect is learning how to pray, as it second guesses my spelling!



Eldest daughter, lover of words, collector of notebooks, fonts and family heirlooms/"stuff" I am trying to pare down.

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