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Shadow Within a Shadow

Card with shadows

A Day Late. 6/3 Our Heavenly Father, we pray again for your blessing on this fellowship – remind us of prayers answered and your gifts to each of us. Encourage us in our efforts to accept and understand others – to serve this community – to put aside petty distractions and to be on with what You would have us do. Amen

Auto predict text pops up “Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda” but that is not how I phrase it. Must be different regional colloquialisms…like pop and soda.

Going to the Old West End festival yesterday is a big dose of community. The upcoming exhibition that the Toledo Museum of Art is hosting is Rebecca Louise Law’ Community.

They were serving the community by giving away beautiful potted plants. Some kids grabbed a couple. I hope they all made it home to get planted in the garden, the intended hope of the TMA.

Postcard announcement

Upcoming Toledo Museum of Art exhibition

Which is why the first part of Dad’s prayer is so important…”encourage us in our efforts to accept and understand others…”

First comes acceptance, then, understanding, to keep moving forward in serving. Putting aside “petty distractions” is a constant battle.

Did you know “petty” is from the French language, petit, meaning small? Using a French accent to describe my distractions makes them seem oh so glamorous…no?

PS: 2.5 hours after I thought this post was lost, it rises from the dead digital grave…go figure. So here was the first blog post today!



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