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You Care for Each of Us



We thank Thee, our God,  for an hour like this – a time when we can enjoy fellowship & laughter – free of tensions and strain. Teach us the secret of living without strain and worry. Teach us how to live just one day at a time- to recognize and enjoy the many blessings  that are ours and to be content in knowing that you care for each of us. Amen

Today would have been my brother’s 62nd birthday. 62 is not old, but then neither is 55 or 61, two other recent ages talked about this last week.

My brother was not a suicide, but a heart attack. Still young. Still a shock. Still sad.

But I love Dad’s reminder in this prayer. That God cares for each of us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. That my soul does know. That my brain needs to rest in and my heart be content with.

That is enough. Sometimes it is all one needs to know; for the day, hour or second.

Make sure you convey that to the people you meet today.

Who knows what an impact you could make?




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