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They See Beyond Our Shortcomings

2018-06-12 06.09.00.png6/12/07 Our Father, we thank you for the beauty of this day for the opportunity of life and our fellowship here this hour – for family and friends that see beyond our shortcomings. Encourage and help us support those in need and be ever with those who pursue peace. Amen

The piles of my life. Books, folders, etc. Shortcomings readily visible. The less obvious ones? I really don’t want to ask for a list. I already have a running list in my head. If I see a new item on your list, I might have to incorporate it into my list.

But is it my list?

Last night I had a meeting, so driving home my public radio station was already into their evening opera…sorry, just can’t get my brain around opera while I am driving. Flipped to another channel and heard a song that is a great reminder for me, today and always:

Fear is a Liar 


An important truth to keep in mind when I hear the list (from hell) being unrolled (unfurled? or is it “furled” I always stumble over that).

I will look for a link to the song. First I will post this, then edit to add the link. I’ve learned how not to sabotage myself doing posts!




Eldest daughter, lover of words, collector of notebooks, fonts and family heirlooms/"stuff" I am trying to pare down.

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