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Capacity to Accomplish

6/20/06 Once again, our God, we stand and give thanks for our fellowship here this hour, for nourishment received and the opportunities of another day of life here in this community. Remind us of tasks yet to be accomplished and give us the capacity to do so. Amen

Almost seventeen years ago Dad went on one of the last Honor Flights from Northwest Ohio. The pictures my sister took of my father radiated his joy, indeed delight in the whole long day. From start to finish he radiated joy!

Less than three years later, Mom would be gone. A bit more than five years later my brother would be gone. And less than three years after that, Dad would join them.

But on this task, he was given the capacity to make the long trip. It was blazing hot in DC that day. A bunch of senior citizens in the heat in wheelchairs sounds scary, but Dad never spoke on that…only how kind and gracious everyone they encountered was to them.

At the WWII monument, Dad posed proudly (not an adjective you will see me use much about my father) in front the Ohio monument. Visitors to the monument shared their appreciation for the Veterans service.

Dad was very moved.

Thank you again Dave for making this possible.

We all have tasks to do and God gives us the capacity to accomplish, not just show up. That is very encouraging to me. Yes, I have to show up.

The tasks may not even be something done for others, but rather, something God does to accomplish his will in us. In this case, I see our Heavenly Father’ joy radiated in my father’s face. And I love seeing that portal.



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