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Offered Challenges

Card with morning light

6/21/05 Our Heavenly Father, we thank you again for the opportunity of our fellowship here this hour – for the rest of the night – for family and friends and for the challenges this day offers each of us. Cause and help us to use them wisely and to touch others in need of support. Amen

“Great is Thy faithfulness…” can you hear the music?

Yes, today holds challenges. Challenges that will be offered to me and to you. Will I accept the challenge? Will I fight the challenge? Will I run from the challenge?

In answer to that, an old poem was brought to mind, The Hound of Heaven.

Good luck on that running thing.

Did I mention, I hate to run?

The Hound of Heaven



Eldest daughter, lover of words, collector of notebooks, fonts and family heirlooms/"stuff" I am trying to pare down.

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