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Created Places

Card on upholstery
Club chair prayer

6/27/06 Our Father, we come again grateful for this day – for our time here together this hour for those who had the foresight, imagination and tenacity to have created this place where some of our past might be maintained and respected. We acknowledge their efforts and accomplishments. Amen

Not sure which Exchange Club meeting place this might have been. I am guessing it was the Bowling Green Country Club (even autocorrect guessed that, go figure).

What history was maintained there? What artifacts remained?

I spent a long time last night scanning old photos of my grandmother’s courting days. 1921, was the date she began this scrapbook, yet the casual poses could have been on an Instagram post. She had a lot of fun with my grandfather and other family. They enjoyed each other’s company tremendously.

Their “place” was wherever they were with each other.

That I respect. I also respect how much work photography was back then.

Did my grandfather cart a box camera and tripod around…on his motorcycle?

I know where I got my photo skills, as well as the desire to capture the day’s feelings.

BTW, note to self: wear gloves next time you scan old photo albums.



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