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To Get Aquainted

7/10 Our Father, as we stand and join in prayer remind us of our blessings. Help us to take the time to live – to get acquainted with Thee – to get to better know each other and to enjoy life and the opportunities it brings each of us. Help us too to use our time and energies wisely and well. Amen

Photo shot at the beginning of the day. Where was my intended post going to go? Not sure, but I do know that the light in this photo is real. A reflection yes, but it reminds me that appearances have many layers, and it takes time to get acquainted.

The Thai soccer team and their coach had plenty of time to be acquainted. I look forward to hearing more. I love the fact that the divers and a doctor stayed with them so long, helping them become acquainted with the equipment. Working and swimming alongside.




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