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Remind me why…we exist

7/11/06 We thank you our God, on this day of celebration – for those who have served and maintained our past of service to this community. Support and guide those elected to serve us in the future. Remind each of us of why we exist – goals to be pursued and give us the energy to achieve. Amen

Each mission, each person, unique.

The reasons each of us exist are unique. Like pristine watercolors in my paint box before they are utilized in a painting, they are beautiful on their own. However, they need to be mixed up, blended, sullied even in order to be useful. To make the Master’s masterpiece.

When I see morning beams like this, I always envision the steps I’d have to take to block in the colors correctly. Logically, it doesn’t make sense to lay down the huge swatch of lime green in the tree leaves highlights first.

Shouldn’t what’s a highlight be last?

No, because it would never show up on the dark leaves.

So, our highlights are planned and layed down before we are born. We need to not cover them up, but let them shine forth.

We exist to shine forth the Master’s light.



Eldest daughter, lover of words, collector of notebooks, fonts and family heirlooms/"stuff" I am trying to pare down.

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