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Giving Encouragement and Sometimes Directions

5/4 Our Father in Heaven, we thank you again for the opportunity and happenings of life in a nation of freedom. Encourage and Help us to listen to those with whom we differ – give us patience and understanding; remind us and challenge us to see beyond ourselves and give encouragement to others. Amen

The janitor and the nurse all have “scout,” “directional assistant,” “helper,” and “wayfinder” on their job description duties, albeit unspoken duties, but duties nonetheless. From the minute an anxious visitor arrives on a hospital campus, there is an awareness that one is on foreign turf. The department names are long and difficult to pronounce. The myriad parking signs remind you of settling your vehicle in the airport parking lot.

But today’s trip is less joyful. No vacation week awaits. No tiny umbrella in a refreshing drink.

No, today, you visit a friend in the hospital…if you can find the way, that is.

Dad’s prayer today was a clear reminder of ALL the people who helped me find my way through the hospital maze. The janitor, the LPN, the RN, the desk clerk (she provided the map with my “way” marked in red and delivered with a paragraph of insructions).

They all gave encouragement as we trod the red marker path.

“Do you need help? Are you lost?”

Now, keep in mind, I worked in the sign industry doing “wayfinding” at decision points in facilities like this…I am not a novice. But the anxiety of being in a hospital triggers hospital memories and nightmares…regardless who you are coming to visit, but then that enters in also.

“Gee, they were fine two days ago…” etc.

I am not in charge of much in the way of others.

I just have to remember where to park and what room number my friend, father, mother, brother, etc. is in today, then be patient as I visit the patient.

And on the way out, to be encouraging to others who are lost.

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Heavily Edited

Card on blank paper
Not perfect

3/27/01 Our Father, hear again our thanks for this day – cause us to use it wisely and to share our gifts with others.

Make stronger our faith, in Thee and our trust of others – remind us to forgive and forget and to be about our objective of serving this community.


Like most change we wonder “why?” Why now? Why this? Why that?

Why this word?

I’m left to wonder. But I love that even my father polished his words, few that they were.

So today I start with a blank page of what may befall.

What came to me, while doing the pour over coffee ritual is what if the surface Facebook could be a Soul book and we could really go deep with each other.

I read desperate things and feel at a loss to return in kind. How do we learn to do that? With our neighbor or with others close to us, let alone people we don’t know directly.

That is serving our community at their deepest need.

Polishing takes roughing up or tumbling…

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Pursuing Aspirations

A wooden box containing a magnifying glass and pen
Beautiful desk accessories

3/2/04 Our heavenly Father, we pause and give thanks for this day – for this nation and for our freedom to express our political choices. Sustain, support and guide us as we choose, and help those elected to pursue their aspirations with integrity and wisdom. Amen

You don’t have to be elected to have aspirations. Elected officials are just more accountable for the leakage of their aspirations than you or I might be. But it is the same piece of cloth both defects are cut from.

“Things done and things left undone,” the Book of Common Prayer says.

If there is a plan for aspirations, it takes integrity to see it through, to not be side-tracked by things that can and should be left..undone, undisturbed, and avoided.

Yet, those are the enticing sirens on my daily Odyssey (yes, women, even old ones hear sirens).

“Watch this,”

“Buy this,”

“Forget about that.”

They sing and coax more deftly than that, but you get the picture.

Lord, help me be wise and pursue the aspirations You have wired into me.

Let me remember where my earplugs and sunglasses are.

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Recognize You Here

Card in budding lilac tree
Seconds before flight
2/28/06 Our Father in heaven, we stand and recognize your presence here with us and give thanks for your Grace and gifts. We also offer our thanks and hope for those who continue to pursue Peace – may their efforts succeed and may each of us find a way to share in their pusuit. Amen

Once again, I don’t know which “peace-seeking endeavor this references, but I love that Dad was tracking developments. He and Mom both were conduits of hope.

It is only fitting that I venture outdoors to find signs of Spring. This lilac bush is really a tree. The limbs that crack off in a storm, only launch more shoots from the base.

That is recognizing Your presence, Lord. Determined buds emerge on more determined, young, resilient shoots (“suckers” the garden folk call them), which boldly break out of the most gnarly, tough, old, dense, looked dead to me root popping out of the ground.

May I remember my roots.