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You Care for Each of Us



We thank Thee, our God,  for an hour like this – a time when we can enjoy fellowship & laughter – free of tensions and strain. Teach us the secret of living without strain and worry. Teach us how to live just one day at a time- to recognize and enjoy the many blessings  that are ours and to be content in knowing that you care for each of us. Amen

Today would have been my brother’s 62nd birthday. 62 is not old, but then neither is 55 or 61, two other recent ages talked about this last week.

My brother was not a suicide, but a heart attack. Still young. Still a shock. Still sad.

But I love Dad’s reminder in this prayer. That God cares for each of us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. That my soul does know. That my brain needs to rest in and my heart be content with.

That is enough. Sometimes it is all one needs to know; for the day, hour or second.

Make sure you convey that to the people you meet today.

Who knows what an impact you could make?


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Shadow Within a Shadow

Card with shadows

A Day Late. 6/3 Our Heavenly Father, we pray again for your blessing on this fellowship – remind us of prayers answered and your gifts to each of us. Encourage us in our efforts to accept and understand others – to serve this community – to put aside petty distractions and to be on with what You would have us do. Amen

Auto predict text pops up “Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda” but that is not how I phrase it. Must be different regional colloquialisms…like pop and soda.

Going to the Old West End festival yesterday is a big dose of community. The upcoming exhibition that the Toledo Museum of Art is hosting is Rebecca Louise Law’ Community.

They were serving the community by giving away beautiful potted plants. Some kids grabbed a couple. I hope they all made it home to get planted in the garden, the intended hope of the TMA.

Postcard announcement

Upcoming Toledo Museum of Art exhibition

Which is why the first part of Dad’s prayer is so important…”encourage us in our efforts to accept and understand others…”

First comes acceptance, then, understanding, to keep moving forward in serving. Putting aside “petty distractions” is a constant battle.

Did you know “petty” is from the French language, petit, meaning small? Using a French accent to describe my distractions makes them seem oh so glamorous…no?

PS: 2.5 hours after I thought this post was lost, it rises from the dead digital grave…go figure. So here was the first blog post today!

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Petty Dancers


Looking up the etymology of the word Petty, I find this: ‘old name for “Northern Lights” was petty dancers.’

I have never seen the Northern Lights in all their glory, but I sincerely doubt this would be how I would describe them…

But, then again, I think on all the videos I have seen and how each little band of color moves together yet apart. It might be that one focuses on one small segment trying to understand the whole movement. Does it work that way?

Dad’s prayer asks for God’s encouragement in our efforts, both to accept and to understand others, in order to serve the community. Because the ultimate goal is to keep moving and do what God would have us do.

Which brings me to the fact that today’s post is a day late. “Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda” is my category for missing the date.

What would God have me be moving forward on? What should I be doing?



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Where we turn for help

Card on upholstered chair
Shortened want lists, k.i.s.s.

5/15 Our God, we thank you for the opportunity of prayer – to turn to Thee for help and guidance as we travel through life.

Teach us to keep our ‘want lists’ short to ask for only what we really need and above all include others who seek health, relief from loneliness & peace in their nations. Amen

Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda is my new category for prayers that fell through the cracks. I missed the date, there were two or more, or whatever. They are not to be forgotten and relegated to the back of the recipe box.

Where we turn for help, indeed is our compass. Our want lists, to do lists, and every other list becomes huge when our gratitude list is neglected. When God is where I am looking and trusting, things fall into place. I don’t have to have a plan, but I have to walk it out.

Or in this case drive 2 of the chairs, while the generous seller and her husband volunteered to follow me home (and move them inside!) with the other two and an oak table.

God really does move things.