For tolerance of others…who accept our shortcomings… (?)

8/12 Dad’s prayer

8/12 We thank you God for the happenings of life – for new responsibilities that cause us to to grow  – for the chance to amend our errors and mistakes – for the tolerance of others who accept our shortcomings; AND for your Grace and trust in us. Amen 

If Dad was sitting on the side porch with me, I would ask about “tolerance of others who accept our shortcomings.” I never thought of it like that.

I also never thought to thank God for trust in us. Does God trust US? 

No answers, just questions today. However, I have to share, autocorrect is learning how to pray, as it second guesses my spelling!

Hearing Mom’s “voice”

No date, but this sounds like my mother talking

O God, we often wish Life were not such a Mystery. It would be much easier to live if we knew what Life is all about. This is why we often substitute our Answers for your Mystery. It makes life easier that way!

Yet, we know our Answers often destroy your Mystery.

  • We sometimes analyze rather than experience. 
  • We often suspect rather than trust.
  • We even hold back rather than give.
  • We wait to be loved rather than to love.

God, help us trust the Mystery of Living. Help us Lord to allow ourselves to be close to You and one another. Help us to stand away from our constant problem-solving and let your Mystery be a vital part of our lives.  Amen

Mom wrote this definitely. One, she loved to type.  Two, she used paper others would think was scrap…this is computer paper, I forget the proper name and if I go look it up now, the rabbit trail will make me late for work.

Today, I will trust the Mystery of Living. As I peer around the corner of each unknown minute.

Hope, health and a glimpse of peace

8/10/04 an Exchange Club prayer

8/10/04 Our Heavenly Father,  we give you our thanks – for the freshness and beauty of this day – for our health and well being. 

Be with those who do not enjoy what we enjoy – give them hope, health and a glimpse of peace and freedom.  Amen 

I understand this prayer on 2 levels, whether or not that was my dad’s intent. The obvious is that there are people less fortunate than ourselves and we pray for blessings for them. But, also we who have much to be grateful for, often do not enjoy it.

May you glimpse the joy and claim it today.

Terra Firma opportunities 

Hydrangea beside the patio

8/9/05. Our Father in Heaven,  we thank You for the rest of the night – for another day of life and opportunity – and on this particular day, we too rejoice over the reentry and landing of our Discovery vessel.  Amen

Vacation day, only proper to take it out on the patio. Dad spent a lot of evenings out on his patio. Listening to the BG high school marching band practicing on the other side of the green hill (this blogs banner picture has that hill framed by the white dove). He listened to their progress. He remembered how they began their practices in the summer. He was not musical, but he appreciated talent and perseverance. Band requires a lot of perseverance. This un-musical band momma knows that.

While on the patio, he would smoke and have a beer or 2. When he gave up smoking (at 83!) the beers went away too. I could never understand how one could just sit. Sit and relax. Sit and smell the grass. Sit and wait, for dinner or for someone to come out and join you.

Glad I came out to sit.


New Challenges…that cause us to grow

8/8/06  Our Heavenly Father, we thank you again for the opportunity of our fellowship here this hour — for new challenges that cause us to grow — for nourishment received — and for our health and well being. Continue to be with those in need of your Grace this hour.  Amen

Somehow, it seemed like peeking at a Christmas gift wrapped under the tree, but I did it anyway. Mostly I could tell if a prayer of Dad’s was church or a civic group like Exchange. Today I couldn’t.  Today I peeked. It was definitely Tuesday. It was definitely Exchange.

“Challenges that cause us to grow” might be as simple as having to look something up. But, the thing we are looking up may have to do with something the doctor told a loved one, or our self.

Hopefully, looking for solutions to challenges involves acceptance and gratitude because the challenge, as I see it, is not off my Heavenly Father’s radar.

Be about things that can make a difference 

Ten years ago today

Our Heavenly Father,  hear again our thanks for life itself and another day of opportunity to be about things that can make a difference in the lives of others. We thank you too for the promise of renewed growth of crops planted – ________________and for your concern for each of us.  Amen

Most all of Dad’s prayers are fully complete. Words may be edited at the last minute but a fill-in-blank? Never. So like most voids, I am curious what filled it.

Perhaps I am focused on it to distract me from the bigger “elephant” on the page….to be about things that can make a difference in the lives of others. Being about things that can be “others” oriented, that might even make a difference in their lives, is a gentle prod. A prod that closes with 2 huge guarantees: 

  1. God has concern for each of us
  2. Amen=We agree, so we’re not alone

Join with

Dad’s prayer 8/6/year ?

Our heavenly Father,  we stand as is our custom, to include You and to ask for your blessing on this gathering. Hear our invitation as genuine & sincere. Encourage us in our endeavors to serve this community – to increase our understanding of others – and to join with you in our walk thru life.  Amen

“Increase our understanding of others…” how does one do that? I have to believe that I have to join with God and walk it…walk thru the world, accompanying others as they do the same. It is a walking journey. You study a map (or trust the GPS) but you still have to drive. I won’t understand others if I stay in my bubble.

Winds carry bubbles, that’s the fun to watch them move away from us, land on an unwitting blade of grass, eyelash, or nose and pop.

Stay in your bubble, but trust God to carry it…you never know where you’ll pop.

Dad liked pens. All kinds, but roller-balls were favorites. He’d buy up replacement parts, and cobble things together. The “Franken-pen” in the front is a Y.M.C.A. give away pen made of plastic with Mont Blanc insert. It works. It just isn’t what you would think could work together. Non-partisan penship, thanks Dad!