Remind us to make a new start

10/1 Our Heavenly Father – We are grateful for this day and for life itself. Remind us to make a new start each day…to reach out to others…to live your way of life…to have courage and to focus on goals that count and make a difference in our community. Amen

I love everything about this prayer. From it’s depth to it’s brevity. How is that possible?

“Less is more.”

But, the gist is to be reminded to start anew each day.

Your blessings are new each morning. Great is your faithfulness, of that my dad (and mom) & I are sure.

Thanks for today’s reminder, Dad.


Sustain & direct

9/30 Our Heavenly Father, we ask again for Your blessing on this fellowship – remind us often to savor and enjoy the gift of life. We also ask this day for your presence with Paul, his family and those who serve him at Mayo Clinic. Sustain and direct his healing in all ways possible.

Three big requests in dad’s prayer today: Remind us, Sustain us, Direct what impacts us…in all ways possible. And improbable, I would add. Healing can come in many ways. The paths to healing can also be myriad routes, or individuals. We can’t know, we can only trust and be reminded to savor the ride of this gift called life.

In the trusting, we are sustained.

What we value and cherish

9/28/04 Dad’s prayer for Exchange Club.

Our Father in Heaven – we thank you again for your Grace and your patience with us. Remind us to be equally forgiving and trusting of others. Remind us too to value and cherish life itself and to live our lives accordingly. Amen

What we ought to be about

Dad’s prayer at Exchange Club superimposed over the algae bloom

9/27/05 Dad’s prayer  Our Father in Heaven – we thank you again for Your Grace and patience with us – for the beauty of this day – for the joy of family and friends.  Give us greater understanding of what we ought to be about – of things that need to be changed and the wisdom to change them. Amen

What we ought to be about, is not always what we need to be about. We spin our wheels in the mud of trivialities a lot until we are stuck. Worse, we can’t see it.

Prioritizing takes courage and vision and the right perspective.

The background photo I took yesterday at lunch of the Maumee River algae bloom. You need to look straight down at, because from a distance, it looks fairly normal…but it’s not.



Collective opportunities

9/20/05 Our Heavenly Father, we thank you again for another day of life and opportunity. Help us focus on our individual and collective opportunities – on things that need doing – on folks that need our support and to forgive those we need to forgive. Amen

Made it through the first sentence with autocorrect guessing what word would come next.

Is my phone learning to pray?

Are our conversations with God likewise so predictable?

I have learned in my Bible studies and in general reading it seems to hold true, also, “watch for the phrase/word, that seems not to belong. Often it holds the key.

Today’s key is collective. Put together with opportunities, you have dynamite for change in a community.

So, today’s picture is what I would see if I walked out my front door. It is a view of the community beyond these walls. It is a call to venture forth and watch for the collective opportunities. They hold the key.

Comforted in missing others

9/19/2006 Our Heavenly Father, we who are here this hour give you our thanks for that opportunity and ask for your blessing upon our gathering. Be with and support those who are usually with us but now unable – help them to renewed health and strength and comfort those of us who miss them. Amen

Yes, we need comfort when we go down a memory path alone. The prop today is a teapot I purchased for my mother when I was in Denmark. It was shipped home. It took a month or so. It was a color to match her harvest gold kitchen. She loved it. But, it was “special”. She didn’t use it daily. It was reserved for company? I keep it on a shelf. But when I make tea, I use it or another given to me by my cousin and his wife. I hope they both have many tea stains by the time I leave this planet. They should not look perfect, even though they are special.

I miss you Mom & Dad, but I am comforted in using our special things.

Always a reason to hope

9/17 Our Father, as our nation and our world face still another day of anxiety we pray that there is some reason for hope – that a process for peaceful agreements is underway and that your will may prevail. Amen

I don’t know specifically what agreements were underway in our world at the time Dad wrote this prayer. It could have been international or national. I do know God’s will prevails, we just don’t see it.