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No Weather in Heaven

2/26 We thank you, Lord, that there is no weather in heaven. Help us to see beyond the dullness of the day – to instead show our gratitude for Life and be more willing to share the good things of life with others. Remind us to reach out to those who need encouragement – who lack food & clothing – who cope with illness – and those who are lonely. Amen

Our days start out monitoring the weather. What will the weather be like today? We dress accordingly. We allot extra time if we have to shovel off a car or path to the garage or mailbox.

What will it be like to not have that on my radar (no pun intended)? I can’t imagine no weather. I can’t imagine no pain. For someone who thinks creatively and artistically, that is a rebuke…but I have a human brain and can not fathom a heaven with it.

As far as the east is from the eest, is my ability to imagine and God’s vision.

Mine is rendered in grey, God’s in colors and textures I have never seen.

And every now and then we get a glimpse of what awaits us…beyond.

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Have Been vs Has Been

2/25/03 Our Father, we thank you for the opportunity of prayer – to stand and join together in giving thanks for this day and the blessings we often take for granted. Remind us that many of our prayers have been answered and that in these days of uncertainty there is reason for Hope. Continue to guide those who would guide us. Amen

Looking back we see where what we prayed about has come to fruition. We don’t always recall that this was something we prayed about. Prayer answers that take a very long time are in a different category altogether. I need reminding of where they came from. What rabbit trail they emanated off of.

A “has been” has such a different meaning. There is a layer of dust that has to be blown off the realization that this was a prayer of mine. The need was real.

But now, it is time to let go. It has been answered.

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Value & Acceptance

Card on composition book
Bible study journals

2/24/04 Our Father, we thank you again for the opportunities this day brings each of us. Cause us to use them wisely – to share our good fortunes with others – to value those things You would have us value and to accept each other with patience and understanding. Amen

“Does this bring me joy?” If the answer is, No, then some current voices say, Toss.

That may work for weeding out my hutch of assorted fancy glassware and collectibles. I have not fully convinced myself it is worth the time.

But, today, I see dad’s prayer calls me to ask God what to value…not whether or not it makes me happy. That will indeed help clear the cobwebs off doo-dads, collectibles, and assorted “treasures” I clutch.

That makes sense. My Bible study work today routed me to a Hebrew word, chuwl (Strong’s 2342). Part of the lexicon explained that this word used in PS 37:7 is to wait patiently, to be strong or firm, to be in travail, to twist, to writhe.

Is it just me, or does your idea of “waiting patiently” involve writhing?

Yet, the Gesenius’ lexicon goes on to say, “verbs that have the significance of binding or twisting are applied to strength.”

What happens when we give birth?

So back to asking God what to value, and to help me release the strong hold/stronghold that I clutch.

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What will prevail


2/18/03  We come again, Our Father, grateful for this day and the opportunity of life with Thee. Help us to see beyond the weather and the little things that annoy us and get us out of focus. Teach us instead to look beyond ourselves – to offer encouragement to those in need – to see life without bias or prejudice and to trust your will might prevail in our quest for world peace. Amen

Mom would be appreciative of the snow picture snapped last night. Her enthusiasm for the wonder of nature was clear and vocal. Dad, of course was more pragmatic: will the kids be off school? Will I get to work? Will I get stuck?

Not that he ever verbalized these concerns. He was not vocal about a lot of things.

But one or the other always prevails. Rarely do we walk the center of the road. If we do, we might miss the pot holes, but we would also miss the wildflowers growing within inches of a flattening death by car tires.

It’s our choice where we walk.

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Understanding & Humble

Card in front of laptop
Watching over us

2/17/04. We give thanks, our Father, for our nation’s first leader and his capacity for persuasion, and for Lincoln and his passion for Union & humbleness. We pray too that something of his spirit may be with those who serve us now. Guide those of us who follow to be equally understanding and humble.

14 years later…still true.

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Nourishment received

Card with dishes
Breakfast crumbs

2/15/05 Our Father, as we pause again mid-day to give thanks for this hour – for nourishment received – for fellowship with each other – for a time away from the strain and tension remind us that your Grace is everlasting – that change is possible and that where we are wrong, make us receptive to change. Amen

Remembering all of this is nourishment to make a change in course. Not sure a croissant breakfast scores high on the nourishment charts. But the artistry of these baked goods gives me pause. I appreciate all the aspects of their magnificence.

If I am able to wax way too poetic over high calorie croissants, I can savor each and every layer of Grace provided to me. The fragrance of life blown in through a stank cabin of despairing hopes, is far more magnificent and overwhelming than my day old marked down croissants from a grocery store warmed up in the oven…therein is the nourishment.

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Wisely With Discretion

Index card on embroidered scarf

2/14/06 Our Father, we pray again for your blessing on our meeting here this hour – we thank you for prayers answered – for family and friends and for the opportunities that are ours this day. Help us to use them wisely and with discretion. Amen

Discretion, not a very hip word, but I like it. It is related to the word discernment.

The New World Dictionary gives it’s first definition as: “the freedom or authority to make decisions and choices.”

Not only do we have the Opportunity to make choices each day, we are to use the freedom and authority to make Wise choices.

A Wise choice made with Discretion benefits more than just myself. I am put here for a reason and there was a plan in this person’s exact timeline in proximity to others.

Our timelines are interwoven, like the fine handwork on this beautiful scarf my son bought while serving in the Navy. The end result more beautiful and useful than single threads.