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The Opportunity we each have

Card on tablecloth

6/19 Our Father, we are grateful for this day – its beauty, the rest of the night and for our fellowship here this hour.

Cause us to be more mindful of all your gifts and for the opportunity each of us has to share them with others.

Support and sustain those who need your Grace this day. Amen

The opportunity to share our gifts with others starts here, where I start my day: coffee, breakfast, Bible study, pet the cat, conversation with family, etc.

Gifts of time, attention, courtesy, peace, calm, kindness. Free.

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Dominating Colours of the world

2018-06-14 08.03.06.jpg

6/14/05 Our Heavenly Father , we bow our heads in thanks for your hand in making and keeping this nation free. Remind us how our freedom was won and the price of human sacrifice. Bless this country, its leaders and keep us true to the colors we salute this day. Amen 

Dominant colors look a lot like a graphic design project from college. The @DAAP influence doesn’t fade like my hair has…

I love this book. Thanks, Dad for the rabbit-trail today.

Reminds me of another goodie from my parents’ “Things I found while looking up something else.” Oh yeah, this was before Google!

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They See Beyond Our Shortcomings

2018-06-12 06.09.00.png6/12/07 Our Father, we thank you for the beauty of this day for the opportunity of life and our fellowship here this hour – for family and friends that see beyond our shortcomings. Encourage and help us support those in need and be ever with those who pursue peace. Amen

The piles of my life. Books, folders, etc. Shortcomings readily visible. The less obvious ones? I really don’t want to ask for a list. I already have a running list in my head. If I see a new item on your list, I might have to incorporate it into my list.

But is it my list?

Last night I had a meeting, so driving home my public radio station was already into their evening opera…sorry, just can’t get my brain around opera while I am driving. Flipped to another channel and heard a song that is a great reminder for me, today and always:

Fear is a Liar 


An important truth to keep in mind when I hear the list (from hell) being unrolled (unfurled? or is it “furled” I always stumble over that).

I will look for a link to the song. First I will post this, then edit to add the link. I’ve learned how not to sabotage myself doing posts!


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You Care for Each of Us



We thank Thee, our God,  for an hour like this – a time when we can enjoy fellowship & laughter – free of tensions and strain. Teach us the secret of living without strain and worry. Teach us how to live just one day at a time- to recognize and enjoy the many blessings  that are ours and to be content in knowing that you care for each of us. Amen

Today would have been my brother’s 62nd birthday. 62 is not old, but then neither is 55 or 61, two other recent ages talked about this last week.

My brother was not a suicide, but a heart attack. Still young. Still a shock. Still sad.

But I love Dad’s reminder in this prayer. That God cares for each of us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. That my soul does know. That my brain needs to rest in and my heart be content with.

That is enough. Sometimes it is all one needs to know; for the day, hour or second.

Make sure you convey that to the people you meet today.

Who knows what an impact you could make?


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Those Who Give Leadership

Card on wood table
Morning Coffee & Prayers

6/8/04 Our heavenly Father we give our thanks for the warmth of the day – for our health and well being – for the sacrifices of those we honored yesterday and for the lives of those past and present who give leadership to this nation. Amen

Give leadership? I have heard “provide” leadership, but give is not a verb I normally hear.

Sometimes we revere the hero who takes control, but the one who selflessly gives, do we revere them?

Today I hope I see and recall many examples of those who give in leadership.

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Opportunities That Are

2018-06-07 08.26.25.jpg

6/7/05 Our Heavenly Father, we give you our thanks for blessings received and for prayers answered. Forgive us for our reluctance to give thanks before asking for something else – Remind us often of what we ought to be about and the opportunities that are ours. Amen 

Took this photo on way to work. (Yes, I pulled over and stopped.)

Now, it seems like old manna, but each morning, driving to work speaks of opportunities awaiting us all. I love that Dad wrote this in the present tense, not the future tense.

Opportunities are…

  1. Here
  2. Ours
  3. Now


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Direct our paths

6/6/06 Our Heavenly Father, thank you for the rest of the night, for the beauty and opportunities of this day. Guide and direct our actions this day – help us to be better listeners – to be more tolerant and patient with others and to be more willing to forgive those we need to forgive.  Amen

Guided paths. Directed sunbeams. I love watching how the morning  sun lights up different things in its path. Yes, I loved the Indiana Jones movie with him attaching the crystal to a specific height staff on a specific day to light up the map room location of the ark of the covenant’s resting site.

Abu Simbel is a real artifact that demonstrates the mathematical capabilities and building expertise of the ancients. What if every house that was built took the angles of the sun into mind, carefully focusing light on doorways or a single chip of stained glass in the doorways?

Really! How did they do this? Without CAD, without calculators, without Google, without Home Depot? Aliens?

My daily actions are not so grandiose, but my paths are directed and the object the SON of God is focusing my attention on are His paths for me. He has already made the calculations. He knows the cost. I just get to be Indiana Jones’ accomplice…please God, I hate snakes, too, but his girlfriend Marion did have a nice dress.