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Opportunities That Are

2018-06-07 08.26.25.jpg

6/7/05 Our Heavenly Father, we give you our thanks for blessings received and for prayers answered. Forgive us for our reluctance to give thanks before asking for something else – Remind us often of what we ought to be about and the opportunities that are ours. Amen 

Took this photo on way to work. (Yes, I pulled over and stopped.)

Now, it seems like old manna, but each morning, driving to work speaks of opportunities awaiting us all. I love that Dad wrote this in the present tense, not the future tense.

Opportunities are…

  1. Here
  2. Ours
  3. Now


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Direct our paths

6/6/06 Our Heavenly Father, thank you for the rest of the night, for the beauty and opportunities of this day. Guide and direct our actions this day – help us to be better listeners – to be more tolerant and patient with others and to be more willing to forgive those we need to forgive.  Amen

Guided paths. Directed sunbeams. I love watching how the morning  sun lights up different things in its path. Yes, I loved the Indiana Jones movie with him attaching the crystal to a specific height staff on a specific day to light up the map room location of the ark of the covenant’s resting site.

Abu Simbel is a real artifact that demonstrates the mathematical capabilities and building expertise of the ancients. What if every house that was built took the angles of the sun into mind, carefully focusing light on doorways or a single chip of stained glass in the doorways?

Really! How did they do this? Without CAD, without calculators, without Google, without Home Depot? Aliens?

My daily actions are not so grandiose, but my paths are directed and the object the SON of God is focusing my attention on are His paths for me. He has already made the calculations. He knows the cost. I just get to be Indiana Jones’ accomplice…please God, I hate snakes, too, but his girlfriend Marion did have a nice dress.

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Scrubbed with Salt

Card on old oak claw foot table
Before and After

6/5/01 We give thanks, our Father, for all that is ours. For food, friends and our fellowship here this day we are grateful. We give thanks too for our families and the support they give us. Remind us to reach out to others – to maintain our Faith in Thee and to be about those things you would have us do. Amen

Sitting at my new game table/dining room table I spy a water ring. Remembering the latest Facebook tip on housecleaning hacks, I grab the olive and Kosher salt (which seems more hip than regular salt). Lo and behold, Facebook nailed it.

I venture into the living room and attack the old oak table, pictured above in the before and after.

What comes to mind as I scrub, is this is knowledge we used to know. We used to get it from grandmothers. We used to observe our mothers doing this. We used to call mothers to ask how to do things.

We don’t ask or else our sources don’t know, so we turn to Facebook and somebody like me, only with a better manicure (sorry Lynn and Kim, I will try your solution…) has done a nice short video on how to fix water marks, dirty grout, repurposing toilet paper tubes, etc. This used to be things we saw…in real life, not just watched on a screen.

And then I remember, even further back.

Ezekiel 16: 3, 4 “your father was an Amorite and your mother was a Hittite. As for your nativity on the day you were born your navel cord was not cut, nor were you washed in water to cleanse you; you were not rubbed with salt nor wrapped in swaddling cloths.”

Salt and diy sugar scrubs are not new.

Oh wait, that also reminds me. King Solomon said, “There is no new thing under the sun.”

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Shadow Within a Shadow

Card with shadows

A Day Late. 6/3 Our Heavenly Father, we pray again for your blessing on this fellowship – remind us of prayers answered and your gifts to each of us. Encourage us in our efforts to accept and understand others – to serve this community – to put aside petty distractions and to be on with what You would have us do. Amen

Auto predict text pops up “Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda” but that is not how I phrase it. Must be different regional colloquialisms…like pop and soda.

Going to the Old West End festival yesterday is a big dose of community. The upcoming exhibition that the Toledo Museum of Art is hosting is Rebecca Louise Law’ Community.

They were serving the community by giving away beautiful potted plants. Some kids grabbed a couple. I hope they all made it home to get planted in the garden, the intended hope of the TMA.

Postcard announcement

Upcoming Toledo Museum of Art exhibition

Which is why the first part of Dad’s prayer is so important…”encourage us in our efforts to accept and understand others…”

First comes acceptance, then, understanding, to keep moving forward in serving. Putting aside “petty distractions” is a constant battle.

Did you know “petty” is from the French language, petit, meaning small? Using a French accent to describe my distractions makes them seem oh so glamorous…no?

PS: 2.5 hours after I thought this post was lost, it rises from the dead digital grave…go figure. So here was the first blog post today!

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Petty Dancers


Looking up the etymology of the word Petty, I find this: ‘old name for “Northern Lights” was petty dancers.’

I have never seen the Northern Lights in all their glory, but I sincerely doubt this would be how I would describe them…

But, then again, I think on all the videos I have seen and how each little band of color moves together yet apart. It might be that one focuses on one small segment trying to understand the whole movement. Does it work that way?

Dad’s prayer asks for God’s encouragement in our efforts, both to accept and to understand others, in order to serve the community. Because the ultimate goal is to keep moving and do what God would have us do.

Which brings me to the fact that today’s post is a day late. “Shoulda-Coulda-Woulda” is my category for missing the date.

What would God have me be moving forward on? What should I be doing?



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To pause more often

Card before grassy lawn
About to mow

5/30/06 Our Father in Heaven, Hear again our thanks for life and health & our daily bread. Continue to remind us of your Grace and prayers answered. Remind us too – to pause more often – to remember and honor those who have served this nation and to reach out to those who mourn. Amen

To pause more often is necessary when I cut my grass. I am not quick, nor am I very strong. I push through it using my push mower. The low tech solution to landscaping fits me right now. I am guaranteed at least 2 hours cutting, without benefit of gasoline power, my city lawn.

I take plenty of pauses, otherwise I might keel over. It is strangely comforting to do things in an old fashioned manner. Gaps between neighbors got bigger as yards grew in direct proportion to the ease with which we could cut our grass.

Like baking bread, using Mom’s old ceramic bowl to mix, and then let rise, I am reconnected to my roots.

It is good to reconnect. Wish me luck cutting.


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Pursuing peace in thoughtful caring ways


5/24/05 Our Father in heaven, as we think ahead to Memorial Day, prepare us to reflect upon its significance – to set aside time for remembering, honoring and giving thanks for sacrifices made. Be with and sustain those leaders in every nation who pursue peace in thoughtful and caring ways.

These days it doesn’t sound like leaders do this in thoughtful and caring ways. There is more bluster and hysteria.

If it was thoughtful AND caring it would feel more encompassing. We would be more sensitive and mindful of each other. We would not be dictatorial. We might even feel individually more vulnerable, but we would also be facing each other honestly and openly, rather than separated by perceived differences.

I suppose I can start small, locally in my own world.